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(NEW) Herbal's

Karma Connects

is offering a multitude of Herbs

***Ask us about our personalized herbal elixirs***

Our trusted source of herbs are top quality and we can preorder you something that is not on the list. 

We can also make you lineaments, tinctures, oil blends, massage oils, essential oil blends, herbal bath mixers, teas, salves and any type of healing Elixir. A great resource to search for a holistic remedy is to utilize Pintrest.com and From there you can send us the recipe and we can make it for you.

Herbs in the office:




Cinnamon Sticks


Echinacea August

Ginger Root Powder

Garlic Powder


Lemon Balm


Rose Hips

Rubbed Sage Leaf

Sweet Basil

Thyme Leaf

White Sage

St. John's Wort

Range from $5.00 to $100.00  



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