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Spiritual Counseling Chakra Reading/Healing

The program is based on the 7 chakra system within the etheric and astral body that energetically resides within the physical body. The chakra system is linked closely to qualities that reside within us; more specifically spiritual DNA qualities that can distinguish in simple terms how an individual gets stuck in their life and how they can become "unstuck". Based on characteristics, qualities and emotional issues, through scanning the 7 chakras and in combination of a short description the client reveals, the evaluations and scans can then intuitively draw upon an energy diagnostic conclusion and move to a healing theme diagnostic conclusion. This immediately gives results to the individual moving them from the old story to the new story. And in all seriousness the client says, "wow so that is why I am dealing with that." From experience with clients, almost instantly, this diagnosis brings the individual into conscious awareness of the cause and effects of the problem. The client is also then given specific practices that correlate with the blocked chakra. The practices, if used consistently can change the DNA of the individual, which means ingraining new habits, beliefs and practices. The second part is an integration of modalities such as, Reiki, crystal, oils, aromatherapy, magnet, sound therapies, hypnosis coaching and cellular memory release techniques.




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