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"Deeply, guided relaxation, reaching levels that are hard to reach on your own, expanding your essence and growing your brain, is obviously as important as eating nutritious food. Try it once and you'll see what I mean. It's almost immediate, at least for me but it lingers on after the session. Linan is so kind, gentle and thoughtful that it just adds to the experience that much more. You want to be there and around her and the environment! Love you Linan and thank you for the services you provide!!!!"  - Linda

"I've had several Reiki sessions with Linan.  Each time I feel lots of energy moving and a deep sense of peace.  One time I came in with knee pain and when I left, the pain disappeared. I've been doing physical therapy and the Reiki sessions definitely add to a positive result.  Overall I have more energy."    - Ciel

"Being around Linan while she does reiki is absolutely magical. Her unique practice where she incorporates her voice with the Reiki sends beautiful energy to places I didn't know existed.  She opens up time before and after her session to talk and creates the most warm atmosphere. I felt secure to share my deepest struggles, I felt a release and strong healing afterwards. I also shared after the session was over that I have a leg injury and immediately she spent extra time to work on my leg. I experience extreme pain on a daily bases, but the day after my treatment I felt very light, happy and the pain significantly lessened."     - Alina

"Wow, I just had my first, real reiki session from the amazing Linan Munoz and I feel incredible!! I cannot wait for our next session. Aedan even chilled out and enjoyed the session; I just wish I had gotten it sooner!"  - Melissa

"Linan is the best Reiki healer. I have been to a few other places, and nothing compares to Linan's. She fully listened to everything I was going through and gave me great advice on foods and essential oils. If anyone is looking for a great way to relax I would recommend Reiki with Linan!"   - Camron

"I am a person who isn't comfortable very easy, but when I had my first session at Karma Connects, I felt more comfortable than I ever have. Walking in, the smell of the essential oils that Linan has going are amazing. When you walk in she has a waterfall machine going, the room is cozy and inviting. Once our session started, I laid on this amazing heated Reiki table. Linan has a warm and soft touch, and such a calm and soothing voice. My session was more than I could've asked for. I have now purchased a package and will be referring all of my friends to Linan. Thank you Linan for making these sessions affordable and relaxing. I will be seeing you in the near future!!" - Olivia 

"I made an appointment to see Linan due to problems with sleep apnea and anxiety that were the cause of my inconsistent sleep patterns. During the beginning of her meditation and Reiki sessions she noticed that when I sleep I would stop breathing multiple times and as she performed Reiki I began showing improvement.I also went to see Linan for anxiety. The difficulty I had relaxing caused difficulties falling asleep. Her meditation and Reiki sessions resulted in deep relaxation. Since seeing Linan I have been more relaxed and been getting a full 8 hours of sleep for days afterward. I highly recommend making an appointment with karma connects." - Mike P.



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